You can run the Windows version of FedTerm on Linux if you have the Wine emulator, by following these instructions.

Download the FedTerm set up file (or the upgrade package) from the main FedTerm page and save it to your hard disk.

If you do not already have Wine installed, do so - you can get it from your Linux distro CD or from the Wine website at If you haven't already configured Wine, open a terminal window to your command prompt and type 'wine' then press enter. Typically, if Wine is not configured, it will do so at this point. If it is already configured, you will just see a message giving you the usage options for Wine.

Type 'wine {path to FedTerm_Setup.exe} and the setup program will start. Follow the steps to install FedTerm. Choose NOT to have the program create desktop or shortcut icons for you, and NOT to run FedTerm immediately after installation.

After the installation finishes, you should be back at your command prompt. Now you need to create a small shell script that will change to the proper directory and launch FedTerm.exe. If Wine creates a Window directory in $HOME/.wine/drive_c, here is what my shell script should looks like:

cd "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/FedTerm"
wine ./FedTerm.exe

Keep in mind if the pathname has spaces, you must either backslash those spaces or just enclose the path within double quote marks. If you changed the install directory to C:\FedTerm during installation, then your shell script would look like this:

cd "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/FedTerm"
wine ./FedTerm.exe

Name your shell script something sensible like fedterm.bin and place it in your $HOME/bin directory.

Now make the script executable:

chmod 755 $HOME/bin/fedterm.bin

Finally, you need to make a desktop icon for your Linux desktop. Here's how to do it with the KDE desktop:

Right-click on the desktop and create a shortcut to an application, then browse to find my $HOME/bin/fedterm.bin file and select it.

You're done! When you want to run FedTerm simply click on the desktop icon.

These tips provided by Gandolf.

Additional note: you may need to find two more DLL files that are part of the Visual C++ runtime before you can get Federm to run. The two are: MSVCP120.dll and MSVCR120.dll. You need to find these and put them into your FedTerm directory.

Read Fed Term manual