Both the Windows and Mac versions of FedTerm let you display a picture of your Fed2 character, and swap pictures with other players so you can see their pics when you have private conversations with them. Here you can find out how to make your own picture, or download one of our portraits to use as your picture.

Making your own picture

You can make your own picture, either by drawing a representation of your character (or getting somebody else to do it for you) or by cropping and resizing a photo of yourself. The picture must be in .png format and it should be given a filename that matches your Fed2 character name (for example, hazed.png or newbod.png). The picture size is 80 x 96 (that's 80 pixels wide by 96 pixels high). That's fairly small so you may find a head-and-shoulders picture works better than a full body picture. You need to put the picture file in the pictures sub-folder of your FedTerm folder.

Using one of our portraits

Click on one of the following links to see some character portraits you can use. If you see one you like, right-click on it and select 'Save Image As...' Save it into the Pictures sub-folder of your FedTerm folder, and give it your character name (for example, newbod.png).

Pictures of females
Pictures of males
Pictures of aliens
Pictures of robots and animals

Swapping your picture with other players

Visit the Fed2 character picture gallery to get pictures of other Fed2 characters. To include your own picture in the gallery, email it to feedback@ibgames.com (please put Fed2 in the subject line).

FedTerm Planet Pictures

FedTerm will also display pictures of planets - for information and to download other players' planet pictures, go to the planet picture gallery.