FedTerm is a Windows front-end program for Federation 2. The program is simple to use and only takes a few minutes to download. Click here to read about FedTerm's Features.

Download complete FedTerm installation v 3.01 dated July 29, 2016
Make sure you install FedTerm into an empty folder. Do you install it in the same folder as previous versions of FedTerm

Upgrade - only for those who are already using version 3.00 - new version July 29, 2016

Version notes

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System Requirements

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FedTerm Planet Pictures

How to Install FedTerm

FedTerm Manual

There is a cut-down version of FedTerm available - called Fed2Term - which does not include the auto-mapping and text processing features. You can use it if you need to run in a lower resolution or are short on memory. Click here for information and to download.

FedTerm can be used with Linux, running under the Wine emulator. Click here for more details.

There is also a Mac version called FedTermX.