Version 3.01.02 - dated July 29, 2016

Change to existing command: Pressing the '5' key on with the focus on an empty input box no longer generates a BOARD command.

New option: The options menu has a new option, allowing you to choose whether to all exchange info is repeated to the main output display, or to just have the output only repeated to the main output when the exchange is both buying and selling a commodity.

Bug fix: FedTerm doesn't try and write to the log file after it's been closed when it's being shut down.

Status Panel: The code behind the status panel has been extensively reworked and is now more flexible and capable of having new items added to it.

Version 3.00.002 - dated June 5, 2016

“Say” messages were not being displayed for people using non-FedTerm front-ends. This was an issue with the way the server was sending the messages so Alan fixed this soon after it was reported.

FedTerm was not saving all of the map data when you explored new planets. It turned out to be caused by apostrophes – the front-end wasn’t handling them correctly so as soon as the map contained one, all the locations after that were lost.

The new exchange page was not displaying commodities that were in balance correctly – that is, where the exchange both buys and sells at the same time. The exchange prices are now also displayed on the main display and the repeater on the exchange page. This means that not only do you have a record of the prices on your main display, but you will also have a record on disk if you have the logging switched on.

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