There are times when you are not going to welcome visitors to your brave new world. Specifically, you might want to check it over carefully to make sure everything works OK before letting other players take a look at your handiwork. Fortunately, planet-owners have the power to close the system to stop people from jumping in.

To close the system, use the command 'CLOSE LINK' when you are on the space map. This stops anybody except the owner (and game management staff) from getting there. The close command does not kick everyone off the planet, but it does stop new visitors jumping in.

When you are ready to receive visitors again, you open the system up with the command 'OPEN LINK' - once again, you must be in space for this to have any effect.

When the planet is first linked into the game, the system will be closed so nobody will be able to get to the system (except you) until you have checked it out and opened it up. Thereafter, you control when the planet opens and closes.

If you send updated files to be put in, it is a good idea to close the system before the reset when you expect the files to go in, or when you log off the night before. That way, you'll be able to check over your corrections before other players are let loose on them.

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