We cannot imagine that anybody would ever want to leave Fed2, but real life does sometimes intervene...

Since Fed2 is free, there is no need to cancel your account. If you are making regular purchases of slithy toves then you can cancel your subscription - see the information on the subscription help page.

From time to time we run a routine to get rid of unused Fed2 characters, in order to free up space and to release names for other players to use. GroundHogs and Commanders are considered unused if they have not logged on for 30 days, and they do not have any slithy toves (other than the one slithy new player start with). All other ranks are considered unused if they have not logged on for six months, and have no slithies. Your character may be safe for longer - it depends when we decide to do a purge!

If another player requests the use of a name which is being held by an unused character, if it's a low-ranking character then we'll just delete it. For higher ranks, we will email the registered email address and ask if you wish to return to Fed2. If you do not - or if we get no reply - we will delete the character so the name is free to be used again.