The previous page explained how to set up a front-end to connect to Fed2. This page explains how to set up an account and character for the game. If you are using FedTerm then the front-end will handle the process for you; if you are using an alternative game front-end, or the direct Windows telnet connection, then you will set them up manually.

Using FedTerm

Using another program

Set up a Fed2 account and character using FedTerm

When you play Fed2 you use a character which represents you in the game (game characters are sometimes called personas or avatars). You also need an account, with a username (or ID) which will identify you every time you log on, and a password for security. If you don't already have an account, or you want to set up a new one, FedTerm will take care of this for you.

Select the 'New Account/Avatar' option from the 'Connect' menu, and the New Account & Avatar dialog box will come up on the screen.

The first part of the dialog box contains the details of the server address, so the front-end knows where to log on. These are already set to the name of the computer - - and the port number - 30003. Do NOT change them, or the front-end will not be able to find the Fed2 computer.

The next part contains boxes for you to fill in information for your new account:

You will also need to make sure that the 'New Account' box is checked - if the box does not have a tick in it, click on it and one will appear. You can choose whether to have the front-end save the password, by clicking the box so it is checked.

Note that when you type the password, you will not see what you type on the screen; instead you will see a row of asterisks. Your password will never be displayed on the screen, as a security measure.

The bottom part of the box is for the details of your new Fed character. The information you need to fill in is:

When you have filled in all the details, click the 'Send to Server' button. FedTerm will log on, set up your new account, set up your new character, and then return control to you once you are in the game.

If there are any problems, for example the account ID or the character name you have chosen is already in use, you will see a message telling you that, and you will have to try again with a different ID or name.

Set up a Fed2 account and character using another program

When you connect to Fed2 you will see a welcome message come up on the screen, and then you will be asked to log on by typing in the ID and password or your Fed2 account. If you do not already have an account, type NEW and the game will then ask you to supply the information it needs to set up the account. Type in the answer to each question and press return. The information it needs is:

If there are any problems with the information you type - for example, the ID is already in use - the game will tell you and ask you to try again.

When you have set up the account you will be asked the questions to set up the game character which will represent you when you play:

Once you have set up the character you will enter the game itself. Click here to continue reading the new player help.