Instead of making one-off purchases of slithies from time to time, you can make regular purchases by taking out a Fed2 subscription. The subscription is costs $13 a month.

In return for your subscription you will receive an extra bonus slithy - four per month, instead of three.

To subscribe, go to the extras page. Click the SUBSCRIBE button and you will be taken to the PayPal - they are the people who deal with our credit card subscription. You will be asked to type in your Fed2 character/account ID and give your credit card details. When you click the button to submit the subscription, they will try to take the first month's sub from your card right away.

If there are no problems with the subscription, then you will receive your four slithies within 24 hours.

If the payment does not go through, you will be told there is a problem.

If you forget to specify which Fed2 character the slithies are for, or you make a mistake, please email

Subsequent months

When you give your credit card details, the first month's subscription will be taken right away. That day becomes your billing date. After that, we will automatically take the money from your card on the same day each month, until you tell us to stop, by cancelling the subscription.

Each month, you will receive the four slithies on the Monday following your billing date.


If you make a mistake and subscribe the wrong account, we will refund the subscribtion provided you tell us immediately, before we have given the character the slithies.

If you accidentally subscribe the same account more than once, we will refund the extra subs.

We do not offer refunds because you have changed your mind, or forgot to ask us to cancel the subscription.

Changing your Credit Card

If you wish to change the credit card you use to subscribe to Fed2, email and we'll explain how to do that.

Stopping the Charges

If you want to stop making regular purchases, email and give your account ID. The email must come from the registered email address from your account. You will receive no further slithies, but can continue to play Fed2.

You cannot take out a subscription and then cancel it right away, just to get the extra slithy. A subscription needs to keep running for at least three months, otherwise we will take back the bonus slithies.

Expiring and failing cards

If your credit card expires or we cannot take the subscription money from you for some other reason, you will not get the slithies for that month. You will need to take out a new subscription with your new credit card.

Cancelling your Fed2 account

Click here to read about how to cancel your Fed2 account.