If you want to make a web page about Fed2, here's some pictures you can use. You can also add them to your blog or your MySpace or Facebook page, or your AOL profile, even include them in a video - in fact, you can use them anywhere that you want to mention Fed2! Click here to see the sites players have made.

There are a few rules about how you can use the pictures - see the list at the bottom of the page.

Fed2 logo to use in making your own Fed2 web page The Fed2 banner, and the elements that make up the picture
Space images to use in making your own Fed2 web page Pictures of space, stars and the sun
Selena of the Spaceways images to use in making your own Fed2 web page Pictures of Selena of the Spaceways
Misc images to use in making your own Fed2 web page Misc pictures - aliens, robots and spaceships

Tell Us About Your Page

If you mail with your Fed2 character name and the URL of your Fed2 page/profile, we'll list it so other players can come and see it.


1. Feel free to use these pictures but remember they are copyright to ibgames. We allow you to use them on your Fed2 web page or profile, but you cannot use them for anything unrelated to Fed2, sell them, use them for any commercial purposes, or pass them off as your own work. Even if you alter the pictures, they remain copyrighted to ibgames.

2. You must have a link back to the Fed2 web site:
Click here
for instructions on how to add a link.

3. Please do not put the Fed2 manuals on your web page. It is important that nobody has out of date copies of the manuals, so we want to have just one set available on the web, rather than a set on each Fed web page. You can have a link from your web page to the official manuals on our web page, or to any individual page on our site.

3. Do NOT give away puzzle secrets on your page.

4. Do NOT provide maps of the Solar System planets on your page, or maps of player planets unless you have the permission of the planet-owner.

5. Do NOT provide macros or triggers for download from your page.