There are several kinds of staff in Fed2:

Ibgames Staff

Ibgames Staff are people who work for ibgames, or have some management position - in other words, the bosses. In Fed, they don't have any rank at all and on the Who list you will just see their name. The current staff are:


Other Staff

There are players that help out in a variety of ways - they help new players get started in the game, keep an eye on the comm channels, run events and so on.

Some of the staff members are:


Mac programmer

Filbert is the official Mac programmer, who has ported the Fed2 Workbench to the Mac and wrote FedTermX, the front-end program for the Mac.

Planet Team

The core Sol planets were written by Bella, many years ago, with additional work by Hazed.

New planets, asteroids and moons have been added by the following people:

Brass - Hazed
The Lattice - Bella
Magellan - Hazed
Pearl - Freya
Phobos - Hazed
Rhea - Art
Silk - Freya
Sumatra - Freya

Hazed continues to add new features to all the Sol planets and also adds special stuff for seasonal promotions. She also works on custom objects and events for player planets.

Thanks also to Arlene, Carl and Cragon who wrote planets that filled out the Solar System before we put player planets in

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