You need to learn your way around in Federation 2, and unless you are gifted with a perfect memory, that means making notes of some kind as you explore. The easiest way to make a record which you can refer to later, is to draw a map.

You will need a pencil and eraser (that's because you may make mistakes, and you want to be able to correct them.) You will also need some squared paper or graph paper to draw the map on. You can download some mapping paper here.

Start on the landing pad of one of the Solar System planets - let's use Castillo as an example, because it's small.

Hints on Mapping - graphic 1

Somewhere in the middle of your piece of paper, draw a square to represent the landing pad. Until you have explored a planet, you don't know whether the LP is at the top, bottom or in the middle of the map, so start in the middle and with any luck you won't end up falling off one side of the paper!

Hints on Mapping - graphic 2

Label the square so you know what it represents. If you can write small, you could write "landing pad" - or you could use an abbreviation such as "LP", or whatever notation you feel comfortable with.




Hints on Mapping - graphic 3

Now look at the description and see what it says about exits:

Castillo landing pad
The landing pad is situated in a medium-sized crater with steep walls. Looking up, you can see the bulk of Jupiter filling the sky.
To the north is the airlock leading to the base.

It tells you that you can go north, so draw a line on the north side of your square, to indicate an exit.


Hints on Mapping - graphic 4

The description doesn't mention any other exits, but there may be more. To find out, just type in all the other directions and see what happens. If you find a direction that works, mark it on your map, then come back to the LP to try other directions.

You will discover that from the Castillo LP you can go NW, N, NE and E.


Hints on Mapping - graphic 5

Now pick one of those directions, and go see what it leads to. Draw a square in the right place to represent the new location, label it with something appropriate, then check the exits for that location.

Carry on doing this until you have gone in every direction you can, from every location you can find.

On Castillo, you will find that there is an elevator which takes you down to a lower level. When you draw the square for the elevator, you will need to mark it in some way to indicate that you can go down, and then start drawing the lower level on a different sheet of paper, or elsewhere on the same sheet.

Hints on Mapping - graphic 6

At the end of this, you will have a map that you can refer to whenever you need to find your way around.