Last updated January 31, 2007

This gives you the very basic information you need to get started in the game. For information on some of the other features of the game, read The Idiot's Guide to Federation.

How do I move around?
Read the description of the room to see what exits there are.
Type the initial letter of the direction - E or SE or whatever.
Or if you use FedTerm, click on the red movement arrows on the right of the screen.

How do I talk to players in the game?
To talk to everyone in the game type COM <message>.
To talk to players in the same location with you type SAY <message>.

Who is in the game right now?
To see a list of ALL the players in the game type WHO.
To see a list of the players in your location type LOOK.
To look at a specific player in your location type EXAMINE <playername>.

So what do I need to do first?
Say hello! Type COM Hello.
Get the Starter Map of Earth.
Get a spaceship.

Great, how do I get a spaceship?
You get a ship permit.
Then you go to the shipyard and buy one.

How do I get a Ship Permit?
Look at the Starter Map of Earth.
Follow the map to find the Galactic Administration headquarters building.
In the building, get into the elevator and PRESS BUTTON.
Find the Office of Traffic and Transport Licensing and BRIBE CLERK.

Ok, I have my Ship Permit, now can I get a spaceship?
Yes! Get out that Starter Map of Earth again.
Follow the road back to the Shipyard.
Buy a ship.

Wow, that spaceship costs a lot! How do I pay off that loan?
Work for Armstrong Cuthbert hauling cargo around the Solar System.
Get the Solar System Map.
While you're at it, get the whole set of Starter Planet Maps, you'll need them.

Where's my spaceship, dude?
In orbit.

Very funny, how do I get to my ship?
Go to the shuttle landing pad and type BOARD - your personal shuttle will take you up to your ship automatically.
The same command will put you back on the ground.

How do I fly my ship?
Use the same movement commands as you do on the ground - the eight compass directions, plus IN and OUT.

Does my spaceship need fuel?
Of course it does - type BUY FUEL to buy a full tank of fuel. Do this on the ground because fuel costs a lot more in space.

How do I get work?
Type WORK to see the workboard, which lists all the jobs available - jobs look like this:
5. From Titan to Mercury - 75 tons of Petrochemicals - 7gtu 9ig/tn 2hcr

What do those numbers and letters on the workboard mean?
5 - This is the number of the job.
75 tons - this is the size of the job. You have a 75 ton cargo hold so cannot do a job larger than this.
7 gtu - this is the number of moves in space you have to complete the job.
9 ig/tn - this is what you will get paid, groats per ton.
2 hcr - this is hauling credits which you amass by doing jobs, and you need for a later promotion.

How do I accept a job?
Type AC 5 to accept job number 5.
Only accept jobs to and from planets in the Solar System - check the Solar System Map to see which ones those are (scroll down to the bottom for the asteroids).

I won a job! What do I do now?
Go to the planet where the cargo is and find the Armstrong Cuthbert office - that's why you need those starter maps.

How do I get the cargo?

Where do I take the cargo?
Go to the Armstrong Cuthbert office on the destination planet and type DELIVER.
If you forget where you have to go, type ST and the cargo details will be at the end.

Woah! The cops stopped me!
Customs may stop your ship and search it while you are flying in space. Don't panic, they don't do anything nasty apart from dumping you somewhere else. They give you a full tank of fuel as compensation.

What's this bonus thingie, then?
If you deliver the cargo in less time than the job called for, you will be paid extra. This is a good thing.

What's this late delivery?
If you deliver the cargo in more time, you won't get the full payment. This is a bad thing.

How do I repay my loan?
Every time you do a job, 10% of the payment goes towards paying your loan. You can also make extra payments whenever you want by typing REPAY <amount>.

Can one of you rich people pay my loan for me? Please?
Sorry, you have to earn your own way. Other players can give you small amounts to help you out if you get really stuck, but they can't give you enough to pay your loan.

What else do I need to know?
Well this is enough to get you started but you really should read the full game manual.

Read the QuickStart Guide in other languges: Croatian, French, German, Russian and Spanish.