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Did you know that Federation 2, the space trading game, is running on the internet? Better yet, a few years ago , something new and unprecedented happened...

It became FREE.

That's right, you can now play Federation 2 for free.
As often as you like, as much as you like for free.
Work your way up the ranks all the way to planet owner and beyond for free.

What could be better than FREE FED?

Forget about the orcs and monsters in other games - Fed2 has real challenges for grownups! Like day trading commodities futures and launching an IPO for your own company. Like bigger and better planets, a vastly enhanced events system, interactive mobiles and more. There's even an ATM machine on the far side of the Sun!

Remember, Federation 2 is about commerce, politics, intrigue, power, and money. Things that matter in real life. Federation 2 is a newly rewritten version of the original Federation with all the charm and humor of the original but adding new features and challenges based on our 15 years of multiplayer game experience and players requests. There are new ranks, new planets, new features, new challenges, new things to do.

Come back to Federation 2 for free and enjoy the excitement again. We'll even throw in a set of starter maps of the Solar System.