You don't have to wait until you are a Financier before you make plans for the new planet you want to found. If you know what you want your planet to be like, and what you want to call it, you can make sure no-one else uses the name you want to use by reserving it. For a cost of two slithy toves, we'll register your planet and system name, making sure that nobody else can use it. It's first come, first served, so don't delay.

As well as the registered name, your slithies get you a page on the web site where you can publish details about your planet. Click on the planet owner name below to see what other POs have to say about their planets.

The planet and system names must be different. They can be more than one word, although making them too long and complicated to type will discourage visitors. Email your names and the text you want on the web site, to feedback@ibgames.com. Then your chosen names will be reserved for your exclusive use.

Names registered so far:

Albansire - Alba Two, in the Iberia system
Aqueous - Ganymede, in the Aquarius system
Aringer - Tenpin, in the Bowling system
Art - Ascii, in the Museum system
Bourbon - Whiskey, in the Havefun system
Catspaws - Catseye, in the Chrysoberyl system
Clio - History, in the Mythology system
Cloudbase - Cumulus, in the Cloud system
Congene - Movies, Games and Music in the Entertainment system
Crazywulf - Wolf, in the Castle system
Darkangel - Inferno, in the Divine system
Desertwolf - Renglor, in the Axieon system
Devaberial - Techne, in the Metis system
Diana - Greece, in the Ancient system
Djentsch - Marina, in the Russia system
Dreameeyed - Sweet and Bad, in the Dreams system
Dunavant - New Gough, in the Gough system
Eli - Forest, in the Quirk system
Fletcher - Gemini and Mercury 7, in the Nasa system
Filbert - Golf, in the Crazy system
Furgas - Dilconia, in the Bloodmoon system
Gandolf - Phlax, in the Phorbe system
Garrick - Meta, in the Quiet system
Granny - Rest Home, in the Retirement system
Jdcollins - Stormy, in the Weather system
Jessecka - Dryad, in the Lost system
Jazir - Arovia, in the Arov system
Kingnick - Dave, in the Mckay system
Librarian - Books, in the Library system
Lorzec - Shattered, in the Sanctuary system
Lynnea - Sauterne, in the Elimisto system
Minos - Knossos, in the Crete system
Necrose - Lair, in the Secret system
Nkir - Mass and Energy, in the Einstein system
Nomad - Wasteland, in the Forgotten system
Penguin - Brr, in the South Pole system
Poco - Sin, in the Venal system
Racingnut - Grandstand, in the Racetrack system
Robius - Rome, in the Empire system
Satan - Hell, in the Hades system
Sean - Phyxius, in the Rage system
Sephorin - Alice, in the Looking Glass sytem
Sissy - Dreamy, in the Imagination system
Spacey - Rainbow, in the Diversity system
Squeeky - Mousetrap, in the Cheese system
Stalin - Bizarro, in the Bizarre system
Stuverats - Raven, in the Kreel system
Vlad - Halloween, in the Transylvania system
Zand - Zandzabar, in the Oasis system
Zarquad - Florin and Guilder, in the Goldman system
Zman - Zidon, in the Zerahl system
Zuroc - Farpoint, in the Distant system