Wouldn't It Be Nice...

As a new planet owner you have a display cabinet on your landing pad in which to keep your treasured belongings safe. But you can also create objects especially for display, the only purpose of which is for visitors to your planet to admire them.

You could also want to give an object to somebody else as a token of your esteem.

So if you've decided that you really, really want to have a solid gold cephalopod with the tentacles studded with diamonds as the centrepiece of your display cabinet, but you don't want to take the trouble to learn everything there is to know about writing events and creating objects, this step-by-step guide is for you.

Why You Need Events

There is a short-cut way to putting objects on your planet that doesn't require you to muck about with events, but it has drawbacks.

If you just create an object which will show up somewhere on your planet, then you can scoop up the object and stash it in the cabinet.

But there is a catch to this method. This kind of an object is called a dynamic object, and the way dynamic objects behave is that at reset, they move back to their starting position. So if an object is in your cabinet (or if you or anybody else has it in their inventory) then every day at reset, it's going to come out of the cabinet, and reappear on the planet wherever it lives.

Maybe you can live with that but it is a bit of a chore, and it will be even more of a problem if you want to make an object to give to someone else.

So in order to make an object that will stay in your cabinet, you have to do a bit more work - you have to use events to create the object.

If you've already had a go at writing events then this won't seem too daunting, but if you have so far avoided them, then this step-by-step guide explains to how you go about it in a reasonably painless fashion.

If reading that brings you out in a cold sweat, don't panic - because the third way to create an object for your display cabinet is to ask Hazed to create it for you. You can find out how that works on the Custom Object pages.

Read the Step-by-Step Guide to Making Cabinet Objects