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EARTHDATE: January 22, 2006


In this week's Fed II Star:

Official News
Tesla, the planet checker
Expand your planet
From the postbag: over-eager taxman
The Fed II labor union message board
Fed Radio goes off the air
Diesel's Dump tarted up
Star chamber
Real life news: deleted albums released as digital downloads
Real life news: unhappy birthday, PC viruses
Real life news: TV digibox hollers for help
On the web: the space shuttle simulator
On the web: a sense of scale
Winding down

Inside Scoop
Fed II eatery review
Tensions rise outside the link
Rocking with the Hamsters
More new FedTerm character pictures

Event Reports
Founders Day parade and bar crawl
Fed Word Scramble

Fed Funnies
...Of the Week

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