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EARTHDATE: April 30, 2006


In this week's Fed II Star:

Official News
Infrastructure builds for planet owners
Changes for planet-owners
Another new version of Tesla
New role-playing forum and web site
Lots of custom objects added to planets
How objects work - multiple objects
Star chamber
Real life news: hotel in space
Real life news: developments in eyeglasses
On the web: build your own tornado machine
On the web: the Easter turducken
Winding down

Inside Scoop
Get your collection of character pix up to date
How I spent my spring vacation
Is Lair's power base growing?
Easter made easy, the Lynnea and Asterix way!

Event Reports
Cryptograms - April 8
Feddergories - April 8
Fedpardy - April 11
Fed Word Scramble - April 13
Cryptograms - April 15
The Easter Bunny's Egg Hunt
Fed Phrase Game - April 18
Wacky Words - April 20
Feddergories - April 22
Cryptograms - April 22
Fedpardy - April 25
Fed Word Scramble - April 27

Fed Funnies
...Of the Week

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