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EARTHDATE: July 16, 2006


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Summer breaks for the Star and for events
The final agri builds
Helping us promote Fed - part two: and other download sites
The in-game help system, for all your Fed2 needs
Groove along with your fellow Fedders
The Fed2 map
Real life news:sinking yacht saved by text message
On the web: the offical reality dot appreciation page
On the web:designer tin foil hats
Geek toy: the E-Rope power socket
Winding down

Inside Scoop

Federation 2: the comic
Blast from the past: the Mafia wars - part 1

Event Reports

Magellan Cup
Role-play Class
Fed Phrase Game
Wacky Words

Fed Funnies

...Of the Week

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