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EARTHDATE: March 25, 2007


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Fixing the crash bug
Pugwash fails to keep her citizens employed
Manufacturer tries and fails to fool his shareholders
Three April Fool events: role-play class, party and radio broadcast
Looking forward to Easter
Event swap
Easter break for the newsdroids
British Summertime starts here
Real life news: internet-controlled cars
Real life news: robotic birds scare off pigeons
Real life news: Ministry of Defence grand challenge
Real life news: Star Wars robot turns postman
Product of the week: squid-flabored postcards
Winding down

Event Reports

Role-play class
Fed Phrase Game
Fed Phrase Game (Early Edition

Fed Funnies

Top ten things we'd like to do the taxman
...Of the Week

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