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EARTHDATE: July 8, 2007


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Moguls, moguls everywhere
Sloppy joes
Seeing a list of exiles
Galactic Administration tightens the rules for Sol factories
Manuals updated
Ranks updated
New character and planet pictures
Federation 2: the comic - the merchant of Venus
He just can't keep away...
He's a record breaker!
Sol Access
Real life news: another stereotype is exploded
Real life news: going out for dinner? Don't look in the freezer!
Real life news: computer games help with anger management
Geek toy of the week: bubblewrap simulator
On the web: fire and music

Event Reports

Wacky Words

Fed Funnies

Top Ten reasons not to promote to Mogul
...Of the Week

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