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EARTHDATE: July 15, 2007


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Spam on the news mailing list
Sloppy Joes, part two
Bella fixes infrastructure bugs
The Fed2 voting breakthrough
The Kblackdragon honeymoon pool
Sol Access
Real life news: I now pronounce you... beep!
Real life news: see, I told you chocolate was good for you!
Real life news: grumpy old gits can't help it
Real life news: the internet made me pregnant
Geek toy of the century: jet pack
On the web: more cool science experiments
Winding down

Event Reports

Wacky Words - Sunday edition
Fed Phrase Game
Fed Phrase Game Roadshow

Fed Funnies

Top Ten excuses Kblackdragon used to log onto Fed after his wedding
...Of the Week

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