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EARTHDATE: August 19, 2007


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

The Star returns
Where's that remote control?
New character and planet pictures
Money, money, money
Real life news: operation by cell phone
Real life news: skydiver plans to break freefall record
Real life news: NASA denies stories of drunken astronauts
Real life news: real life equivalent of Jarrow fights bankruptcy
On the web: common sense security
Completely useless gadget: piano in a can
Winding down

Event Reports

Wacky Words - July 28
Fedpardy - July 31
Fed Phrase Game Roadshow - August 1
Wacky Words - Sunday Edition - August 5
Fed Phrase Game - August 7
Fed Phrase Game Roadshow - August 8
Fedpardy - August 14

Fed Funnies

Top Ten Things the Newsdroids did on their holidays
...Of the Week

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