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EARTHDATE: October 28, 2007

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Tuesday, October 23
by Fancy-Fancy, Mogul of Toontown

Four players joined me in Studio 1 for tonight's edition of FEDPARDY! Nkir, Stiddleficks, Inara, and Butters came by to play. As Inara was a new player and unfamiliar with how it worked, I went over the rules, and with no questions left on how to play, revealed the categories. Tonight they were: Floundering Founders, Wild Wild W, Knit one, Pearl two, and Potluck. The players spun the studio wheel for the right to select first, and Nkir won that honor.

He selected Potluck for 3 to start, and Stiddleficks got that one after Nkir rang in and responded wrong. Stiddleficks then selected the first Daily Double of the game under the 5 in that category. Allowed to risk 5, she wagered 5, and this was the answer:

At The Hub, a statue of this has been erected, because of its importance to the planet.

She didn't have a response for it, though, so it cost her. (If you want to know the answer, go to Mercury and take a look!) She selected Potluck for 2 next, and Nkir got that to regain the selection. Stiddleficks got the 4 and then the 1 in the category to finish it off, then started Knit one, Pearl two for 1. Butters captured that one, and then his selection of Wild Wild W for 1 as well. He missed on the 2, though, along with Inara, before Nkir got it. Stiddleficks then got the 5 pointer in that category, and the 4 to lead 12-1 over Nkir at the break, with Butters at 0 and Inara with -2.

With all remaining point values doubled, Inara, as the one trailing, got the first selection of Double Fedpardy. She decided to finish off Wild Wild W with what was now a 6 point answer. Butters rang in on it and got it right to go on the plus side. He then started the Floundering Founders category for 2, and Nkir got that one, and selected Knit one, Pearl two for 10. No one attempted that one, and Nkir then found the other Daily Double under the 8 point answer. He went for the maximum allowed wager of 10 points on this one, and this was the answer:

The actual name of the station is Yohkoh XVIII, a Japanese word for this. The people who work there are referred to by the same term.

Nkir seemed stumped, and I finally started a timer for the final 15 seconds. He finally tried, "What is Kiratsu?", but that was incorrect (explore the Pearl to find this one), and that miss plunged his score into the hole. Nkir finished the category with the 6 pointer, but missed on it to lose 6 more. Nobody attempted any more responses, with all four answers remaining in Floundering Founders being passed.

That brought us to the end of Double Fedpardy. Stiddleficks led with 12, Butters had 6, Inara -2, and Nkir -13. Stiddleficks and Butters advanced to Final Fedpardy, while Inara's and Nkir's nights were done. Stiddleficks had left during Double Fedpardy and not returned, so Butters placed his wager based on that and the category of Potluck. When he had locked in his wager, I had given some last minute instructions on Final Fedpardy, and Butters was ready, I presented tonight's Final Fedpardy answer:

For those who want to reduce their insurance premiums, a droid named zork857 can knock off this many deaths from your insurance record for the bribe of one slithy tove.

Butters had a big smile as we came to him, mentioning how just Sunday he had racked up 101 deaths by flying into the sun, and then seeing how many he could get taken off his record just that way. He got it right with "What is 5?", and wagered all six of his points, doubling his score to 12.

We then came to Stiddleficks, who put down nothing, and risked nothing, staying at 12 points, making a tie with Butters for a Fedpardy co-championship this week.

Congratulations to Butters and Stiddleficks on sharing this week's Fedpardy championship. Thanks also to Nkir and Inara for also playing in tonight's game. Join us November 6 for the next edition of FEDPARDY!, and on October 30 for the Fed Phrase Game.

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