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EARTHDATE: October 28, 2007

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by Zardoz

With the recent return of taxes, there has been an uproar over their application and daily cries of anguish over the forfeiture of groats. I submitted various schedules and suggestions to Hazed to improve the application of the taxes. After a thorough review of my suggestions, Hazed complimented me on my articulate presentation and artful presentation of the supporting data. Hazed informed me however, that she was bound by the Tax Code, and could not adopt my suggestions.

Realizing that inherent in any Tax Code are loopholes, I ventured into the Galactic Administration building. Deep in the archives, on a top shelf, I found a dusty volume of the Galactic Tax Code. The single volume I found was a summary. The actual tax code is too voluminous to be stored in the Administration Building on Earth. It is to be found on the planet Archival, and takes up three continents and one archipelago.

Blowing off the dust I began reading.

Title 42 - Taxes Assessed Daily
Chapter 24 - Taxes on Balances
Subchapter 231 - Taxes on Individuals
Section 49 – Taxes on Excess funds

(1) Taxes are assessed on funds held in excess of the levels provided for at §231.49(3)(a). The tax rate to be applied shall be the same rate at the rate used in Chapter 18, Taxes on Income, which is currently set at 20%.
(2) The application of these taxes shall be made at reset.
(3) The following ranks are subject to tax...

I began to skim over the sections. This was all too familiar to me. I needed to find out how to avoid the tax. Then a section caught my eye.

Section 148 – Exemptions

Eureka! This could be it. I blew the dust off the page, and began studying the section in depth.

(1) The following individuals will not be subject the Tax on Excess Funds provided for at §231.49:
(a) Individuals who are deceased as defined at Title 5 Chapter 3 §115.30.

Hmmmm... Ok, this will not do. I continued to read.

(b) Individuals who have submitted supporting documentation in an approved spreadsheet format to the Demi-Goddess and...

I stopped reading, and sighed. I replaced the volume on the shelf, and got out my checkbook. Writing, "Pay to the Order of IRS..." I paid my taxes for that day.

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