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EARTHDATE: February 24, 2008


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

No news is bad news
Tesla version confusion
From the postbag: copyright part 2
New FedTerm character and planet pictures
Your Galaxy needs you
Real life news: cat owners live longer
Real life news: the dangerous world of the mariachi band
Real life news: charred thief blacks out village
Real life news: the end of a simile
On the web: ten expensive science fiction technologies
Geek toy: Lost in Space robot
Winding Down

Inside Scoop

The Fed Dataspace travel guide: Zandzabar, Oasis sytem
The Dozian principles of economics

Event Reports

Wacky Words
Wacky Words - Sunday edition
Fed Phrase Game

Fed Funnies

Top Ten ways to anger a planet owner
...Of the Week

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