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EARTHDATE: March 9, 2008


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Save that daylight for a rainy day
One last Technocrat build
New and improved Founder promotion, now with added instantaneousness
Federation 2: the comic - the Merchant of Venus
New FedTerm character and picture planets
Real life news: shark eats anti-shark device
Real life news: heinous crime of the millenium
Real life news: dumb crims go for the wrong target
Geek toy: keyboard desk tidy
On the web: what to do when you have forgotten your bottle opener
Winding Down

Inside Scoop

The Fed Dataspace travel guide: Edinboro, Eriez system
The birth of a Fed baby
Advertisement: Marina, for all your wedding needs

Event Reports

Fed Word Scramble

Fed Funnies

Top Ten names for a Fed baby
...Of the Week

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