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EARTHDATE: November 9, 2008


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Freya's quiz of the week
You're into the timeslip...
Haunted house comes to Mars
What has he got in his pocketses?
Object bugs fixed
It's not a bug, it's a feature...
Don your shoes and hat
Credit crunch has one positive side-effect
Real life news: there's a virus lurking in your home
Real life news: virtual murder leads to real life arrest
Real life news: Martian opals really do exist
Halloween scary stuff of the week: the scariest science fiction moments
Pictures of the week: an alien landscape on Earth
Winding Down

Inside Scoop

The haunted shuttle pad tour results
The haunted shuttle pad tour runners-up
Planet hopping review

Event Reports

Angelfowl's birthday party
Fed Phrase Game

Fed Funnies

Top Ten most scary things in Fed
...Of the Week

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