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EARTHDATE: November 9, 2008


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Unexpected outage on Friday
Freya's quiz of the week
News hiatus
No CLIP yet
What's on the agenda?
Auto-promote ain't gonna happen
Real life news: Halloween party-goers mistaken for terrorists
Real life news: Thomas Crown Affair inspires robber
Real life news: forcefields will shield Mars astronauts
Geek cat-lovers toy of the week: cat-cam
Video of the week: alien pianist
Winding down

Inside Scoop

What should I build?
Jezz's planet-hopping review

Event Reports

Meet and Greet with Meteu
Wacky Words
Meet and Greet with Taboobot

Fed Funnies

Top Ten Fed galactic myths
...Of the Week

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