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EARTHDATE: December 7, 2008


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Freya's Thanksgiving in Fed2 quiz
How charming
What's Alan up to?
From the postbag
The importance of voting daily
FedTerm character pictures
Real life news: the dangers of karaoke
Real life news: bears... in... spaaaaaace!
Real life news: surgery by text
Real life news: Facebook helps catch bill-dodger
Boffin triumph of the week: the robot omelette-maker
On the web: Hubble advent calendar

Winding down

Inside Scoop

The night of the living weathermen cult

Event Reports

Kick the turkey 1
Kick the turkey 2
Wacky Words

Fed Funnies

The Top Ten most painful things in Fed
...Of the Week

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