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EARTHDATE: March 8, 2009


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

Time slips forward one hour
Teleporter subscriptions and crashes
New charm heralds springtime for Gallaghers
The Groundhog bug-hunter
New company structure: the implications for other ranks
Share-sucking macro rules: a clarification
Changes to events: Cryptograms moves, Magellan Cup returns
Real life news: mobile phones now used by half of humanity
Real life news: at last, a major scientific mystery solved
Real life news: telly causes asthma
On the web: 3D pavement art that fools the eye
Geek toy: Star Trek perfume
Winding down

Inside Scoop

Events... giving RTFM a whole new meaning

Event Reports

Fed Phrase Game

Fed Funnies

Top Ten reasons people can't find the kitchen on Phobos
...Of the Week

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