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EARTHDATE: March 15, 2009


In this week's Fed2 Star:

Official News

What's that planet owner doing with a company?
We're on the move
New entries in the Hall of Fame (and Shame)
Earth citizens protest about teleporters
FedTerm character pictures
Real life news: why doodling is a good thing
Real life news: is Pluto a planet? The row rumbles on
Real life news: too much of a good thing can be fatal
Real life news: rate a person
Real life news: another reason why marriage is bad for women
Geek toy: the coolest costume ever
Winding down

Inside Scoop

Fed2 in the classroom - giving directions on directions

Event Reports

Fed Word Scramble

Fed Funnies

Top Ten pieces of Fed military equipment we ought to have
...Of the Week

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