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The weekly newsletter for Fed2
by ibgames

EARTHDATE: February 10, 2013

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In this week's Fed2 Star: The Star has a week off, how many systems in Fed, chocolate faces, pictures of a comet, the benefits of chewing, computer revenge, transparent clothes, your lover and your password and fire in slow motion. Plus Alan’s technical column Winding Down and a special reprint about inter-species marriage in the Fed Funnies.

Official News

News break next week

Game statistics

Real life news: eat your lover's face

Real life news: Comet Ison images

Real life news: see, I told you chewing gum was good for you!

Real life news: malicious computer clean-up leads to jail

Real life news: mood dress shows your assets

On the web: love and your computer secrets

Video of the week: slow-mo fire-breathing

Winding Down

Fed Funnies

Campaigner rails against inter-species marriage