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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: July 7, 2013

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In this week's Fed2 Star: SpyNet talks slang, abandoned planets will be removed, a message that can’t be changed, the importance of voting for Fed2, real life eagle eyes, exploding Russian rocket, new names for Pluto’s moons, a spectacular lava video and futuristic bars. Plus Alan's technical column Winding Down and the usual posts of the week in the Fed Funnies.

Official News

Colloquial Marsport saying adopted by SpyNet

Planetary purge warning

When fixing a problem isn't possible

Cast your vote every day

Real life news: telescopic vision lenses

Real life news: Russian rocket explods on takeoff

Real life news: Pluto's new moons get named

Video of the week: lava flows

On the web: science fiction bars

Winding Down

Fed Funnies

...Of the Week