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EARTHDATE: February 2, 2014

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: Chinese New Year celebrated on Mercury, make sure your email gets read, wacky lawsuit against NASA, paper you can reuse, why birds fly in a V, men really do have bad memories, incendiary cows and astronaut self-portraits. Plus Alan’s technical column Winding Down and the usual posts of the week in the Fed Funnies.

Official News

Sizzling Wok celebrates Chinese New Year

What's the magic word for email?

Real life news: NASA sued over mysterious rock that suddenly appeared on Mars

Real life news: reusable paper printed with water

Real life news: why do birds fly in a V formation?

Real life news: why men can't remember your birthday

Real life news: cows blow up their own shed

Pictures of the week: space selfies

Winding Down

Fed Funnies

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