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The weekly newsletter for Fed2
by ibgames

EARTHDATE: October 12, 2014

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: what happened when my computer died, Microsoft’s stupid security, I recommend the company that sold me my new computer, a real life puzzle game, there could have been life on Mars once, drones will be able to shoot scenes, why you should eat more curry, a big cat robot and an amazing Star Wars dress.

Official News

The death of a computer - and the birth of a new one

The worst security measure in the world

A blatant plug for an excellent computer company

Real life imitates computer games: The Escape Rooms

Real life news: meteorite shows evidence of life on Mars

Real life news: US gives permission for drones to shoot films

Real life news: see, I told you curry was good for you!

Robot of the week: the leaping robo-cheetah

Dress of the week: the Death Star

Winding Down