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The weekly newsletter for Fed2
by ibgames

EARTHDATE: November 9, 2014

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: the newsdroids take another break, there’s a bug in the new location editor, please vote for Fed, whisky matures in space, tractor beams get more effective, brain scans used to show how SAD works, criminal’s dog helps him get arrested, places to visit on the moon and video of chemical reactions. Plus Winding Down, Alan’s technical newsletter.

Official News

News break next week

Bug found in location editor

Vote for Fed

Real life news: whisky... in... spaaaaace...

Real life news: more tractor beam news

Real life news: seasonal affective disorder explained using brain scans

Unfortunate criminal of the week: busted by man's best friend

On the web: tourist sites on the moon

Video of the week: beautiful chemistry

Winding Down