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EARTHDATE: December 21, 2014

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: time for the Star’s Christmas break, visit Santa’s grotto and claim your present, throw snowballs on Diesel’s roof, buy a Scrooge charm from Gallagher’s, Santa’s naughty/nice list hacked, watch Santa’s journey on Christmas eve, why Rudolph’s has a very shiny nose, last minute presents you can buy and some gorgeous pictures of art made from ice and snow. Plus Winding Down, Alan’s technical newsletter.

Official News

The Fed2 Star's Christmas break

Santa's grotto open for business

Diesel's snowy fun

Anton Gallagher repeats himself with Christmas charm

Hackers leak Santa's list

Track Santa's progress

Why is Rudolph's nose so red?

Christmas gifts for geeks

Christmas pictures of the week: snow and ice art

Winding Down