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EARTHDATE: December 6, 2015

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: Donate to the Fed Fighting Fund, the concluding story of the robocleaner and its flag, Dubai firefighters get jetpacks, Mars is destroying one of its moons, astronaut plays bagpipes in space (best place for them, I say!), losing sleep is really bad for you, a horrible overreaction to a bad review, police fooled by man afraid of spider, and pictures of beautiful science. Plus Alan’s tech newsletter, Winding Down.

Official News

Fed Fighting Fund Final Push

How the robocleaner lost its flag: part 2

Real life news: jetpacks for Dubai firefighters

Real life news: Phobos is cracking up

Real life news: Bagpipes… in… spaaaaace!

Real life news: see, I told you sleeplessness was bad for you!

Real life news: how not to respond to a bad review

Real life news: police storm house after man heard threatening to kill… a spider

Photos of the week: science photos

Winding Down