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The weekly newsletter for Fed2
by ibgames

EARTHDATE: January 31, 2016

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: The Star takes a break next week, our plea for your money to help us run Fed, flowers bloom in the ISS, Uranus is full of surprises, new invention stops gunshot wounds from bleeding, being miserable is not unhealthy, sheep foil criminal getaway, making a back brace cool, and Escher’s staircases in Lego. Plus Alan’s tech newsletter, Winding Down.

Official News

No news next weekend

The fighting fund made its target, but we still need your money

Real life news: space flowers

Real life news: something surprising about Uranus

Real life news: a syringe full of sponges that could save lives

Real life news: see, I told you being miserable wasn’t bad for you after all!

Real life news: criminal stopped by flock of sheep

Inventive design of the week: steampunk back brace

Photo of the week: Lego Escher

Winding Down