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The weekly newsletter for Fed2
by ibgames

EARTHDATE: April 3, 2016

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: Annoying bug affects saved planet data, upgrade to new FedTerm fixes more bugs and adds new features, finding out what fire does in zero-g, how films about robots make us more accepting of our future robot overlords, adding more height to a Scottish mountain, birds don’t have to migrate because of our waste food, teacher busted for looking at underwear models in class, subway commuters told not to help inventor build a time machine, and an amazing 360 degree video of a skiier. Plus Alan’s tech newsletter, Winding Down.

Official News

Reset bug that stops planet data being saved proves elusive

New version of FedTerm to download

Real life news: NASA wants to light a fire in space

Real life news: Hollywood robots help ease anxiety about real life droids

Real life news: the mountain that grew by a metre

Real life news: storks no longer flying south for the winter

Dumb teacher of the week: shopping for underwear in class

Prank of the week: don’t build a time machine!

Video of the week: skiing with the centriphone

Winding Down