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by ibgames

EARTHDATE: March 5, 2017

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: advance warning of next weekend’s clock change for US readers, a review of the excellent film Hidden Figures, conflicting evidence about Mars running water, one pair of glasses that does everything, ransom attack on hotel locks all the doors, new slippery coating for bottles means an end to wasting the last bits of the ketchup, stupid police blow up a car they had parked themselves, keep yourself safe from scams online, and amazing pictures of the northern lights. Plus the return of Winding Down, the tech newsletter from Alan.

Official News

Prepare for summer time

Hazed reviews the movie Hidden Figures

Real life news: so was there running water on Mars, or not?

Real life news: one pair of glasses for life

Real life news: hotel held to ransom by hackers

Real life news: how to get absolutely all the ketchup out of the bottle

Dumb cops of the week: suspicious car blown up after being parked by police

On the web: how to avoid internet scams

Pictures of the week: aurora borealis

Winding Down