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EARTHDATE: March 26, 2017

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In this week’s Fed2 Star: the news takes a break next week, UK clocks go forward, scientists observe comet landslide in pictures taken by Rosetta, English police start to use drones, how a missing comma in state law aided drivers in a labour dispute, how to prevent wounds from forming scars, how to watch out for biases in your thinking, a video of auto-folding origami, and a picture of Saturn’s moon Pan. There’s no Winding Down this week.

Official News

No news next weekend

What time is it now?

Real life news: a landslide on a comet

Real life news: the rise of the drone police

Real life news: the importance of punctuation proved in labour dispute

Real life news: scientists discover how to stop wounds from scarring

On the web: cognitive biases

Video of the week: origami that folds itself

Picture of the week: tiny moon Pan

No Winding Down this week