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EARTHDATE: June 24, 2018

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by Hazed

A teenage boy became a casualty of exercise when he suffered a dangerous condition called rhabdomyolysis after just one intense workout.

The 17-year-old from Texas lifted weights for 90 minutes. It was his first session, but he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father and brother, who had been lifting weights for many years. Jared Shamburger said, “I gotta catch up to them and get as big as them. I have to go hard fast.”

Big mistake. After the workout, Jared complained of muscle soreness and swelling that just wouldn’t go away. “Everything hurt. It hurt to the touch. It was swollen,” he said.

His mother consulting the internet and found information that matched his symptoms – a condition called rhabdomyolysis, in which muscle breaks down extremely rapidly. It happens when skeletal muscle tissue gets damaged, swells up, and starts rapidly breaking down, leaking various molecules into the bloodstream. One of those substances is a protein called myoglobin, which normally sits in muscle tissue binding iron and oxygen. When it starts coursing through the bloodstream, it clogs up the kidneys, which is why rhabdo can lead to kidney failure if not treated.

Jared was hospitalised for five days, but he’s expected to recover fully.

So be warned: don’t exercise too hard!

Source: https://www.sciencealert.com/a-teenage-boy-exercised-so-hard-he-landed-in-hospital-with-a-rare-condition

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