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EARTHDATE: April 23, 2017

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by Hazed

Fresh from their Easter holiday, we are back. I ate my own body weight in chocolate, and the newsdroids gorged on something oily and greasy that has left them looking very shiny. They are now raring to go to bring you more stories to tickle your braincells.

This time of year is rather full of public holidays in the UK;we’ve just had Easter, and now the first and last Mondays of May are also days off. However, since we’ve only just had a break, we will publish next week despite it being a holiday weekend. Oh, how I suffer for you, dear readers!

Alan is also back in the metaphorical saddle, having finally finished unpacking all the boxes following his move. He’s got no more Ikea furniture to assemble, and he’s more or less sorted out all his computers. Here’s what he has to say:

My Linux workstation is pretty much set up now. One last fix needed, which I should get from Jetbrains (who make CLion, the IDE I use) tomorrow. I will also finish installing the test version of Federation on the workstation, and then I will be ready to go.

There isn't a great deal left to do on fighting, but it will take me time to get back up to speed on the stuff I've already done, since it's about eight weeks since I last worked on the code. Ironically, if our sudden and totally unscheduled move had been a couple  of weeks later, you would have had fighting in for over a month already!

It's probable that I will finish the code by next week, but it needs more testing than usual, because there is code that can kill your character in Fed - it's important that only legit kills take place! So tentatively, you are looking at early May for fighting to finally be in the game...

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