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EARTHDATE: September 23, 2018

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by Hazed

The Ig Nobel Prize winners for 2018 have been announced, celebrating research on the wackier side of science. Among the winners this year are:

  • US researchers who discovered that riding some types of roller-coaster can remove kidney stones
  • A Japanese researcher who developed a technique for giving yourself a colonoscopy
  • And one that is particularly dear to my heart, an examination of instruction manuals that come with consumer products.

Other prizes went to research involving road rage, cannibalism and human saliva as a cleaning fluid! Click the source link below for details of all this year’s prizes.

The Ig Nobel Prizes honour achievements that make people laugh, and then think and are intended to spur people’s interest in science, medicine and technology. All the studies which are honoured are genuine studies, most of which have been published in peer-reviewed journal.

Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-45513012

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