The weekly newsletter for Fed2 by ibgames

EARTHDATE: May 24, 2009

Special Bulletin

Greetings dudes, dudettes and dudoes. Floyd the Droid here, left in the Fed2 Star office while the main lady Hazed goes off to do her thang and the other newsdroids chill out in a mellow holiday mood.

The green goddess Bella has given me a message for y'all. She said to tell you that the code for businesses is now scheduled to go live on Saturday May 30 barring acts of fate, destiny or bad karma.

At that time, all existing Industrialists will be promoted automatically to Manufacturer, no matter how many cycles your companies have completed. Your companies will be frozen so the shareholders should stay quiet until you are around to pay attention.

This means that we won't have Industrialists with old-style companies and others with new-style businesses co-existing side by side in an uneasy partnership which could have led to the cosmic harmonies of the universe becoming unbalanced. That would be uncool.

Hazed intends to have all the manuals updated ready to go when the code goes live, and she's told me I'll be expected to produce another of these special bulletins. That'll be psychedelic, man! Or woman, or neuter, whatever...

Until then, keep on truckin'.

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