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EARTHDATE: August 30, 2009

Special Bulletin

by Betty Bot

Oh, this is so exciting! My first news bulletin. Now they will see I can be a real newsdroid. For months all I have done is bring Hazed cups of tea, knowing all along that I was capable of so much more.

Don't get me wrong, waiting on our beloved Editrix hand and foot is an honor and a pleasure, and its been a real treat to be part of the news machine that produces the Fed2 Star, even if my role was just to provide lubrication in the form of beverages. But I knew that wasn't all I was destined to do.

And then Hazed plucked me from the ranks of the lowly droids and tasked me with staying in the Fed2 Star offices while the others all went on vacation. What an opportunity! I can show her just how good I am, and how my talents have been wasted as a mere teadroid.

So I have spent the past two weeks on tenterhooks, waiting for some news to come in so I could spring into action. I waited... and waited... but nothing happened. Bella was strangely quiet. Hazed didn't bother to contact me. Nothing came out of the Galactic Administration HQ. Even the Galaxy's celebs failed to do anything scandalous.

Until today, when Bella told me about some new innovations she had been working on, and Freya wanted me to pass the word about a special event she was organizing, and I got word of a new version of the exchange analyzer... and so I can finally produce a bulleting.

So here we go!


As of today's reset, there are new rules on using the interstellar links to jump to other star systems. You can now only jump to another cartel by going via the hub systems.

This means that if you are in a member system, and you want to go to a system which is a member of another cartel, you will first have to jump to the hub of the cartel you are in, then to the hub of the cartel you want to go to, and finally to your destination system.

For example, say you are in the Cheese system and you want to go to Rigel. Ok, bad example, I can't think why anyone would want to go to Rigel either, but go with me here, it's just hypothetical.

From Cheese you'd first have to jump to Havefun, then to Sol, and thence to Rigel.

When you are at the interstellar link, typing 'JUMP' (or 'J' for short) will list all the permitted destinations. If you're in a member system that will just be the other systems in the cartel; if you're in the hub system it'll also include all the other cartel hub systems.

Those of you who have been around for a long time won't be surprised by these new restrictions because they were in place in the old system of duchies before that nasty accident closed the link down. I only came off the production line a few months ago so that's all ancient history to me, but I am always hearing old-timers go on about what it was like in those days... it can be very boring! Oh, I shouldn't say that because Hazed is one of those oldsters and I don't want to offend her...


SpyNet, the shadowy organization that deals in information of all kinds, has enhanced its SpyNet Report display. Now when you ask for a report on a planet-owner you will be able to see which cartel she is a member of.

This will make working out the tangled threads of allegiances much easier!


Smitty has created a new version of the analyzer website. This useful tool lets you upload economic data about your planet so other players can see at a glance what your exchange desires and what is has an abundance of.

This is extremely valuable information for those looking for a place to site a factory, or those with a hold full of goods to dispose of.

This isn't something ibgames has put together, it's the initiative of a player, but we recommend it to you as a valuable tool to enhance your gameplay. Many thanks to Smitty who has taken over this task from Desaxman.

You will find the new analyzer here.


Freya has asked me to pass this message on to you all:

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 5 at 3.00pm eastern - Fed "Old Timers" roundtable discussion - everyone is welcome to join in! Find out all sorts of nifty and crazy stuff Fed players used to do in the old days... help us think up new wild and wacky stuff. Meet in CDs and the drinks are on us.

You know, that does sound kind of fun. I know I said old-timers are boring but I didn't mean this kind of thing... I might just go along myself. There might be something newsworthy that comes out of it.

Well, that's the end of my first bulletin. I think it went very well. Didn't it? Oh, I do hope Hazed likes it...

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