We hate junk mail. There is too much spam in the world and we have no intention of adding to it. We also respect your right to privacy and won't do anything to compromise that.

We promise that we will never give your email address to anybody else, for any reason. We won't sell our mailing list to advertisers, or send out email on their behalf. We won't even send out bulk mail about our own new products, that's how strongly we feel about it.

The only individual email we will send you will be relating to your account or game character.

If you subscribe to any of our subscription mailing lists, such as the lists to receive newsletters or announcements, you won't get anything else sent on those lists, and you can unsubscribe any time you decide you don't want the information any more.

Any other information we collect about you will be kept completely confidential. We will never pass it to anyone else (unless forced to do so by law).

We think all of our players have the right to anonymity and we won't give anyone any information that allows them to link your game character name with your actual name, or to link alternative game characters together.

We respect your privacy.