You see the giant spoked wheel shape of StarBase1 rotating slowly.
The base is shaped like a giant spoked wheel. From the hub, where the communications link is situated comes a curt warning not to attempt to land.

If you have been to StarBase1 on the edge of Sol space, you may have noticed that all the locations refer to famous Science Fiction stories, but you may not know who wrote the books. Here are the details of all the references on StarBase1, with links through to the relevant page on so you can order the books.

The text about the books is either taken from the book blurbs, or written by Hazed. Wherever you see a personal comment, it's Hazed speaking, unless otherwise marked.

The Monolith (landing pad)

Amber Insurance

Arrakis Exchange

diGriz Weapons

Foundation Hospital

Mote Shipyards

Ringworld Engineering

Tessier-Ashpool Electronics

The Rama Bar

The Ender's Game video console