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EARTHDATE: May 20, 2018

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by Hazed

For those that are interested, here is an update on the burglary that I suffered three weeks ago (which I wrote about in last week’s news, here: http://www.ibgames.net/fednews/2018/180513/official01.html).

Last weekend – just after I had finished working on the Fed2 Star – I got a call from the police informing me that they had arrested somebody who was found to be in possession of my credit cards and driving licence.

While there is no proof that this individual (I assume it was a man although the police didn’t specify) is the person who broke in and robbed me, it seems likely that he is.

This was a huge relief to me. I had been worried that having robbed me once, the scumbag would come back and break in again to take the items he hadn’t got first time. I had built him up in my mind as a criminal genius – the sheer audacity of climbing in my bedroom window and walking past me while I was asleep in bed made him seem like an expert, a master burglar.

But the police explained that this was not the case. Most burglars were disorganised junkies who robbed what they could, sold it to get money for their next fix, then forgot what they had done. That explains why this guy was carrying around my credit cards a week after they had stopped working – he probably didn’t remember he had them!

They told me that he was under arrest for several crimes, and was in jail awaiting trial, after which he would probably be locked up for some years.

All of this was a weight off my mind, and I immediately cheered up. I won’t get any of my stuff back, but at least I know the bastard won’t be bothering me again.

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